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If you are unsure which service to book, the best option for you can be assessed and advised at your appointment. Sometimes a combination of both methods may be advised and also a free re-visit will be offered until removal is complete if necessary. Pricing is for one or both ears and a free revisit if necessary following treatment.

In some cases the ear can remain a little muffled for a few days as it dries out and in some cases wax build up may not be the reason for the reduction in hearing and you will be advised to seek further advice for this from your GP.

Endoscopic Micro-Suction

1 or both ears

£65 One-off (annual)
£50 return within 6 months (or sooner)
£50 per person (family appointments)
£120 annual scheme (4 quarterly appointments - great for hearing aid users)

Ear check and wax removal using the gold-standard Endoscopic Micro-Suction equipment. The clarity of the camera view is thought to be the best and studies have shown that patients prefer this method and find it more comfortable. See your ear canals and ear drum for yourself. Video consultation can also be shared with your GP.

Foreign bodies such as hearing aid domes can also be removed.

Removal of foreign bodies

Guided by endoscopic camera


Save yourself a trip to A&E if you have anything lodged in your ear that shouldn't be there, such as hearing aid domes. We are trained to use instrumentation guided by the endoscopic camera to remove the item safely. 

Water Irrigation

1 or both ears


Ear check and wax removal using the latest technology in Ear Irrigation and a free revisit if necessary following treatment. A gentle procedure with pulses of water from a controlled machine. A thorough procedure that most people find comfortable and some even enjoy. Keep dry for 4-5 days.

Home Visit

Endoscopic Micro-Suction or Water Irrigation

from £70

Mobile service with the ability to visit your home at your convenience. Ear check and wax removal using the latest technology. Based on a 15 mile radius.

FREE Ear Health Check 

Consultation and advice


One of our clinicians will examine your ears using an endoscope and will be able to advise on the findings and suggest the most suitable treatment options.

Please note, we schedule free health checks between other appointments so are not able to provide exact appointment times. You should allow up to 30 minutes of wait time.

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New Online Booking

Welcome to our new online booking system, designed to make booking appointments smoother and quicker for customers.


Please be aware that not all appointment times show on the system, so if you're looking for a specific time or booking a free check, please call our reception team as usual.


We are able to see children of any age, providing they are able to sit still. 

Please note

Ear wax is normal and only needs to be removed if painful, blocked, unable to hear or experiencing ear-ringing. If painful, please consult your GP first.

If upon inspection we are unable to help, there will be no charge.


Endoscopic Micro-Suction

Endoscopic Micro-Suction equipment developed by leading Consultant Audiologist Mr Neel Raithatha (also known as the " wax whisperer") is the Gold Standard, pioneering equipment for ear check and wax removal.


Videos of wax removal can be seen on YouTube. The clarity of the camera view is thought to be the best and studies have shown that patients prefer this method and find it more comfortable. See your ear canals and ear drum for yourself. The camera is attached to an iPod for easy viewing.


You can also book for an Endoscopic camera view of inside your ear canal, without wax removal. These videos can be shared with your GP.


I am registered with CLEARWAX  as an 'Ear Wax Removal Specialist' and I am also able to remove foreign bodies such as hearing aid domes from the ear canal.

Water Irrigation

We use the most up to date machine to remove wax with very gentle pulses of water rather than the old fashioned method of firing a large syringe of water into your ear canal. This helps to protect your ear drum and the specialist will stop regularly to check all is well in the ear canal.


The procedure is painless, some really enjoy it some not so much but it is generally all done in 10 mins and can provide instant relief.


Although risks are low and we are specially trained to perform this procedure, there is still a small chance (thought to be 1 in a 1000) of complications occurring such as a perforated ear drum. Middle ear infection, external ear infection or causing ringing in the ear (tinnitus) are also possible complications.


We advise all patients to keep their ears dry for 4-5 days following procedure to help prevent the later potential complications mentioned above. The specialist will also dry mop your ears(s) following procedure.

Hear what our customers say


Lisa was great at putting me at ease with her friendly service. First time having microsuction I was very impressed with the speed of the wax removal and fascinating to see it replayed on her screen!

Hayley Moore

Hear what our customers say


I've just had my first visit to see Lisa. She sat patiently while I gabbled on a bit, slightly nervous, took plenty of time to listen and explain things and then didn't make me feel rushed afterwards. The microsuction is fast and painless, I wasn't sure if I needed it but one ear was totally blocked. Now I have two ears clear, so that when I have a hearing review next week at the hospital, I can be certain the results are not impeded by anything else. Many thanks Lisa, I'll be back for a quick check later in the summer. I'd rate her 5 out of 5, 10 out of 10, not sure why it says 4.9

Alison Gifford-James

Hear what our customers say


Fantastic service this evening. Very informative and felt at total ease the minute I walked in. I will definitely be recommending!

Charlotte Bloomfield

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