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ITV News, aired on Monday 27th March 2023

About Me

Hi I am Lisa, a friendly ear wax removal specialist with over 30 years experience as a registered nurse. I use the latest technology in ear care, to advise and remove wax.


I am fully trained and insured to deliver Endoscopic Micro-Suction and Water Irrigation ear wax removal. 

I started Suffolk Ear Care in 2018 to help people who were housebound and this service has grown to also provide a clinic with readily available appointments at short notice. 

I offer a friendly relaxed service from a lovely purpose-built cabin in a country setting, with parking directly outside and disabled access.  We get to know our clients and help them to arrange a preventative plan that keeps their ears free from blocking. 

The old fashioned way now, with the water removal, meant you had to wait for your ears to block firstly (occluding the ear drum), then oil for weeks, then wait for an appointment, leaving people with blocked ears for weeks/months. 

Now we have Micro-Suction and we can clear the ears at any stage of build-up with very little oil application meaning we can look and advise you on a regular visit that suits your ears and you. Stop the cycle of blocked ears and live with clear hearing and comfortable ears always.


Lisa Manning (RGN)
Ear Wax Removal Specialist 

Fully Insured | NMC Registered
RCN Member

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Meet Naomi

Naomi joined Lisa in September 2022 to help with the running of the clinics but also to manage mobile visits.

Hi I am Naomi, I am an ear wax removal practicioner with 15 years of nursing experience and 10 years of experience with ear care both as a practice nurse and working alongside ENT consultants, caring for patients who have undergone major ear surgery. 

I trained in Water Irrigation in 2007, followed by training at Rotherham Ear Car Centre for Micro-Suction. I have since been mentored by Lisa.


Naomi and Lisa both update all training at least annually.

Naomi Whiting (RGN)
Ear Wax Removal Specialist 

Fully Insured | NMC Registered | RCN Member

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Reception Team

Due to increased volumes, calls are now handled by our friendly and knowledgeable audiology phone reception team who are in direct contact with us. 

Our reception team are able to book appointments, answer queries or arrange for us to call you back if required. We have recently integrated a new online booking system for those who wish to book an appointment through our website. Please note not all appointment times show, so you may still need to contact reception. 


Treatment options

Choosing between Endoscopic Micro-Suction or Water Irrigation can be discussed on booking or at the appointment. Some people have a preferred option and sometimes a particular method may be advised due to medical conditions.

Mobile appointments are available on request for people who are unable to get to the surgery.

We offer a free pop-in service to have your ears checked for wax build up so you know if it is necessary to book an appointment for wax removal. 

We are also trained to remove foreign bodies from the ear canal, such as hearing aid domes that have become dislodged.

Hare-themed ear clinic set in the country, purpose-built by Dave and Lisa

Ear appointments that feel like a country escape as you sit amongst horse paddocks, butterflies and bees pollinating wildflowers and maybe the sight of a Suffolk hare if you're lucky. While you wait, take in all the beautiful surroundings lovingly created and looked after by Lisa and her husband Dave. 


On arrival...

Look for our turquoise sign against the hedgerow as you drive along Framlingham Road. We are on the tight bend near the Primary School and new estate. As you pull into our drive, veer left at the split and follow Suffolk Ear Care signage into our gravelled car park, towards the wooden car park sign set amongst a mound of wildflowers just ahead. 

You're welcome to wait in your car and Lisa or Naomi will come and collect you once your appointment starts. Alternatively, if the weather permits, why not sit in our scenic outdoor "waiting room" or stroll around the wildflowers where you will see butterflies, dragonflies and bees. 

What is ear wax, and does it need removing?

What can I do to manage or prevent a blockage?

Ear wax is normal and produced to form a protective coating over the skin in the ear canal. Ears are normally self-cleaning. The movement of your jaw whilst eating and talking helps move wax along the canal where it will usually fall out naturally without you noticing.


If there is a build up of wax in your ear(s) you may not need removal. Ear wax only becomes a problem if it causes deafness, discomfort, or if a health professional requires a clear view of your ear drum.

Why is my ear blocked with wax?

The amount of ear wax produced varies from person to person. Some people produce excessive amounts which can lead to a blockage in the ear canal.


Dry skin can be a factor as skin falls off in our ears as it does on our bodies and this may cause a blockage.

You are more likely to develop a blockage of wax if you:

  • Use cotton buds

  • Wear hearing aids, ear plugs or in-ear speakers

  • Have narrow or hairy ear canals,

  • Are elderly- the wax you produce is drier and harder,

  • Have a dry skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis.

Olive oil drops

3-5 days, twice a day: lie on your side with the affected ear uppermost and fill with oil. Stay laying on your side for around 10 mins to allow the oil to soak into the wax.


Then lay with affected ear on a towel to allow it to drain. Afterwards wipe away any excess oil but do not plug your ear with cotton wool as this absorbs the oil.

Your hearing problems may initially worsen after starting to use the olive oil. This is normal as the wax may swell and some oil may remain behind the wax blockage.

In most cases, after 5 days the wax will have softened sufficiently to encourage the wax to come out without further intervention. However, if you feel your hearing is still impaired please make an appointment or message for further advice.

If you experience any of the following you should seek advice from your GP:

  • Pain

  • Discharge or bleeding from the ear

  • Sudden deafness or buzzing

  • Foreign bodies in the ear

  • Dizziness 

Important - Ear Infections

Water Irrigation cannot be performed for 6 weeks following infection however, Micro-Suction is suitable from day one and can also help alleviate any symptoms, remove any debris and hence aid the healing process.

Health and Safety

You can be reassured that infection prevention is taken very seriously. Everything is either disposed of or disinfected between patients. Our space is ventilated for continuous air flow and a half-hour appointment allocated to each patient to allow time to air the clinic in between. Staff are Covid-19 vaccinated. Please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact form or via telephone.

Hear what our customers say


Very efficient and helpful. Providing useful advice and dealing with my sons ear wax problem very promptly. Definitely recommend.

Kirsty Dunne

Hear what our customers say


Very good service. A caring and helpful and informative experience. 5*

John Trudgill

Hear what our customers say


Thanks for fitting me in at short notice, excellent service.

Mark Jardine

Hear what our customers say


After 5 days of blocked left ear, sounding like the Niagra Falls, it is bliss to hear again. Bless you and a million thanks.

Gill W

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