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Ear Wax Removal Suffolk

Blocked, itchy, ringing or uncomfortable ears? Difficulty hearing conversation?
This can be caused by excess wax and dead skin build up, which can be removed. We cover all of Suffolk & South Norfolk, providing Ear Irrigation (Syringing) and Endoscopic Micro-Suction. If your ears are painful call our lovely reception team for a quick response or book online.

Watch wax removal in progress

Lisa Manning (RGN)
Ear Wax Removal Specialist 

Hi I am Lisa, a friendly ear wax removal specialist with over 30 years experience as a registered nurse. I use the latest technology in ear care, to advise and remove wax.

Fully Insured | NMC Registered


See more about our lovely purpose-built clinic, set in the country amongst wild flowers and wildlife

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Hayley Moore

Lisa was great at putting me at ease with her friendly service. First time having microsuction I was very impressed with the speed of the wax removal and fascinating to see it replayed on her screen!

Samantha Edwards

Lisa was fantastic this afternoon! I highly recommend! She made me feel so at ease, and sorted the problem with my ears, thank you! Beautiful setting where she is based too. If you need this service look no further and give them a call.

Dr. David Vicary

Thank you for syringing my ears this morning. I am a new man. I can hear my wife. And thank you for instigating such an efficient service that you were able to offer me an appointment within 24 hours of me asking. It makes all the difference.

Sandra Jean Poacher

Friendly, caring and effective results, with very efficient service.

Alison Gifford-James

I've just had my first visit to see Lisa. She sat patiently while I gabbled on a bit, slightly nervous, took plenty of time to listen and explain things and then didn't make me feel rushed afterwards. The microsuction is fast and painless, I wasn't sure if I needed it but one ear was totally blocked. Now I have two ears clear, so that when I have a hearing review next week at the hospital, I can be certain the results are not impeded by anything else. Many thanks Lisa, I'll be back for a quick check later in the summer. I'd rate her 5 out of 5, 10 out of 10, not sure why it says 4.9

Linda Dunnett

My husband and I both had appointments for free checks today. I saw Lisa for irrigation last year but it was the first visit for my husband. We both needed irrigation (one ear for me and both for him). We were very pleased when Naomi offered to treat us both straightaway, which we weren't expecting. She fully explained the procedure beforehand and showed us before and after videos so we really got to see the improvement. Would thoroughly recommend.

Tim Gregory

Sometimes but not often, you find a little business that is run by a person truly passionate about their profession, in a cozy little hut. Who provides a professional but friendly service with awesome results and doesn't charge the earth. You walk away with your hearing restored and a happy heart knowing that you didn't go to a faceless nationwide chain. Who knew ear wax removal could actually be a joyous experience. Thoroughly recommend.

Samantha Courtney

Great service from Lisa, have been telling all my friends to use her service, so convenient to have this done in your own home.

Charlotte Bloomfield

Fantastic service this evening. Very informative and felt at total ease the minute I walked in. I will definitely be recommending!

Antony London

Had my first appointment yesterday afternoon, Lisa is brilliant. Sorted my blocked ear problems and has the most up to date kit to carry out removal of wax etc. Highly recommend.

Margaret Lockwood

Lisa is a lovely person ,very good at her job,also very professional person.

Reece Anderson

Very professional to talk to and offers a fantastic service cheaper than anywhere else around. 10/10

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